Robb Hecht

Episode #29: 🤖 Welcoming 2021

Are You Ready to Get Your Customers Productive?

How to think like Bezos; Luxury health 2021; Data changes everything; are you in the subscription economy? Keeping tabs on rural 5G blockchain China?

Hello brandh@cker, I don’t know about you, but 2021 sounds like SO futuristic. Me Are you ready? Robb here hosting Get Customers Productive to help us study the modern innovative purpose-to-performance customer outcomes-focused marketing experiences AI, Amazon, D2C direct-to-consumer strategic engagement, digital community-building, social commerce and China Tech allow brands…

🧑‍🚀YouTube = Social Commerce/ The Social Dilemma / Facebook’s New CMO / The Forever Transaction /Brand Re-Positioning Time / The Next Wave of Chinese Innovation / Member-Centricity

Hello Brandh@cker. Robb here, coaching Creators and Marketing Leaders like you to drive your Social/Commerce experiential product launch in our now fully algorithm-first shopping landscape, I help you generate innovative productive customer outcomes focused marketing experiences, inspiring, provoking ⁉️and 👉motivating you to sharpen your skills as a growth marketer, creator…

Robb Hecht

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